The Top Thai Food in Redmond: A Guide

January 11, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

Fresh ingredients. Authentic family recipes. 25 years of experience. 

Thai Ginger opened its first store in Factoria in 1996. Priding itself in providing customers a true Thai experience, Thai Ginger has grown to be a household name in the Puget Sound area. 

Whether you’re a connoisseur of Thai food or trying it out for the first time, Thai Ginger has every dish and delight covered. You’re sure to be blown away with the best Thai food in the Seattle area!

Here’s the guide to the most scrumptious Thai food in Redmond.  

Freshest of Ingredients 

Thai Ginger prides itself in using fresh, locally-sourced ingredients to craft robust and flavorful authentic dishes. While Thai is known for its unique spice, you may not know it has great health benefits. 

Fresh ingredients and methods of food preparation make Thai food a very healthy choice. Some staples of Thai cooking include coconut milk, vegetables, lean protein, and rice. 

All of these ingredients are heart-healthy, easy to digest and give you the energy you need to keep powering through. We have an extensive menu selection of specialty salads and main dishes.

Timeless Family Recipes

Thai Ginger first began serving customers 25 years ago with curated family recipes. They have continued to build the most authentic, delicious menu. 

Today, guests are invited to experience the pages of luscious Thai soups, salads, curries, and specialty meals. With many uniquely crafted dishes, Thai Ginger has an original menu with one-of-a-kind eats. 

Menu for Any Mood 

At Thai Ginger, the menu is built for all of your moods. If you’re headed out for just a snack, the small plates include diverse delicacies from calamari rings to satay.  Share with friends or family to sample a variety of Thai dishes. 

You can’t visit Thai Ginger without making sure to grab a Thai tea, an authentic milk-based tea made with Thai Ceylon tea. Iced Thai tea is a great addition to any Thai meal. From coconut curry to Thai barbeque, you will leave Thai Ginger full after a healthy meal.   

Don’t forget to add a little dessert to top off your meal. From authentic Thai ice cream to mango sticky rice, the desserts at Thai Ginger are sure to put one last smile on your face. 

Our Options

Thai Ginger in Redmond has several options for enjoying great Thai food. You are welcome to take it home with you using our pickup/takeout options or Thai Ginger can come straight to your door with delivery.  

You can have Thai Ginger at your next party or celebration. Thai catering is a healthy option that will delight your guests. Thai is great for guests that are vegan, gluten-free, or experience food allergies. 

Have a Delectable Dining Experience With Thai Food in Redmond 

Whether you want a quick bite or you’re planning a banquet, Thai Ginger has a healthy, robust menu for all tastes. The best Thai food in Redmond is waiting for you to give it a try. 

Feel free to place an order online for pickup and delivery for a truly unique Thai food experience.

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