Top 10 Dishes You’ll Find When Eating at a Thai Restaurant

September 08, 2021
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In recent years, Thai cuisine has been growing in popularity in the United States. This is because of their interesting flavors and comforting dishes, turning them into quick favorites.

Read this article to check out the top 10 dishes you can order in a Thai restaurant in Seattle.

1. Pad Thai

Also called the gateway to Thai cuisine, Pad Thai is one of the most recommended dishes when you visit any Thai restaurant in Seattle or otherwise.

Pad Thai is an amazing dish that can welcome you to the umami flavors of Thai cuisine. Not to mention, this is also the most well-known Thai food.

2. Satay

Satay, or tasty meat skewers with peanut sauce, has been an international favorite for many tourists in Southeast Asia.

Thai Satay, in particular, is sweeter than its Malaysian and Indonesian counterparts. Getting a Satay on your first venture to any Thai spot is a good way to go.

3. Tom Yum Goong

This prawn soup, popular for its creamy, sour, and spicy taste, holds many common Thai spices like lemongrass. Tom Yum is one of the most popular dishes that can help you understand how amazing Thai cuisine is. Although, its spiciness is not always the best thing you can get if you can’t handle the heat!

4. Mango Sticky Rice

Mango sticky rice is the most popular dessert in Thailand and is a must-try dish to add to your list. Although you can order it any time of the year, it’s best to purchase Mango sticky rice during mango season.

5. Miang Kham

Miang Kham is a platter of different raw vegetables like shallots and ginger, lime, roasted coconut, and small dried shrimps. Although Miang Kham can be one of the dishes with the most unusual flavors, it’s the food that best represents the flavors of Thailand.

6. Khao Soi

Originating from Northern Thailand, this coconut curry noodle soup is an absolute favorite. With its creamy, spicy curry base and crispy fried noodles, leaving this dish packing with a lot of flavors.

7. Penang Curry

Penang Curry is one of the least spicy Thai curry dishes you can order if you’re not good with spicy foods. It’s a creamy curry that has familiar international flavors that can appeal to many foreigners.

8. Kuay Teaw Nua

Kuay Teaw Nua is a Thai soup that isn’t as world-famous as Tom Yum but is no less delicious. This savory beef noodle soup is a meaty, fulfilling meal with a complex flavor profile.

9. Som Tam Thai

If you’re looking for something tasty and healthy, Som Tam Thai can become an easy favorite. Although this papaya salad can be too spicy for many, it’s a dish that makes a perfect blend of sweet, sour, and spicy. 

10. Grilled Chicken

Grilled chicken or Kai Yang is a popular grilled chicken dish that pairs well with Som Tam Thai. The smokiness from the meat balances well with the sweet, sour, and spicy taste of the salad.

Try Out These Ten Thai Dishes 

From the famous Pad Thai to flavorful soups like Tom Yum and Kuay Teaw Nua, Thai cuisine never misses. Because Thai dishes are comforting, it’s no surprise many love eating out at Thai food at our downtown Seattle restaurant. You can also try our Thai food in Bellevue, Sammamish or Redmond. Check out our locations here.

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