Top 10 Tips for a Safe Family Halloween

October 31, 2016
IN Community

Everyone loves a good scare on Halloween. Except when it comes to your children. Follow these 10 tips to assure your family is safe tonight.

Top 10 Tips for a Safe Family Halloween

Tip #1
Only cross the street at corners using traffic signals. Look left and right before crossing.

Tip #2
Put electronic devices away for the evening. Make this a fun family outing and don’t get distracted by your smart phone.

Tip #3
Watch for cars that are turning or backing up. Don’t let your kids dart into the street.

Tip #4
Trick or Treat with an adult. Children under the age of 16 should not be out on their own Clicking Here.

Tip #5
Choose face paint instead of a mask when possible.

Tip #6
Have kids carry glow sticks or flash lights.

Tip #7
Choose the right size costume for your child. Costumes that are too big may cause a trip or fall.

Tip #8
Slow down your driving and be alert. There are Trick-or-Treaters everywhere tonight.

Tip #9
Have your children trick-or-treat in a safe place like Redmond Town Center. Most of the businesses have treats for your little ones. It’s under cover and a lot of fun.

Tip #10
Don’t cook. Order Thai Food for dinner right here – Eat24!

The owners and staff at Thai Ginger would like to wish all of our Northwest patrons a fun and safe Halloween. Stop by any of our five locations in Redmond Town Center, Pacific Place, Factoria, Sammamish and Madison Park for a special Halloween treat just for you and your family.


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