Top Thai Curry Dishes to Try

October 22, 2019
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Authentic Thai cuisine is known for its fresh curries that are made from scratch. Thai curries incorporate a variety of fresh ingredients and spices, blended to create sweet, salty, and sour dishes. If you want to explore Thai cuisine, curries are a good starting point.

Kaeng, which is the Thai name for curry, has a fragrant, intensely flavored aroma, and it always has some poultry or meat. It is commonly served with rice or tofu. Unfortunately, Kaeng is not a vegetarian dish as it is made with fish sauce and shrimp paste.

Here are some common Thai curries you can try.


1. Panang curry

This curry is known for its salty and sweet taste, and it’s often confused for red curry as the ingredients used are similar. However, Panang curry uses Panang paste which has added nutmeg and cumin. This curry is mild, thus, suitable for non-spicy lovers and it is less soup-like.

Some of the ingredients used for this curry include shrimp paste, peanuts, cumin seeds, chili peppers, and salt. It is served with beef, vegetables or tofu.


2. Red Curry

This curry is also known as Thai red beef curry, and it is a staple in Thailand. Its ingredients are the same as those of the Panang curry except for the dry red chilies. Coconut cream is added as a base to give it a creamy, soup-like texture.

It is served with chicken, beef, duck, and vegetables for vegans.


3. Green Curry

This dish is known for its salty, sweet, creamy, and very hot nature. If your tolerance level to spicy food is low, don’t try this curry without a glass of milk. Its hotness comes from the green dried chilies used.

This sweet green curry has Thai sweet basil, eggplant, and kaffir lime leaves that make it flavorful and fresh. It is usually served with fresh roti, but you can have it with rice.


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