Vegan in Seattle: 5 Delicious Plant-Based Thai Dishes for Vegans & Vegetarians

March 23, 2020
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Going out to eat when you have dietary restrictions can make your night a little harder, yet Thai restaurants have plenty of options for a vegan diet. Whether you choose to eat vegan for health reasons, personal convictions, or even religious obligations, Thai food is a great choice.

Don’t worry about being able to stick to your diet. Check out these five vegan Thai food dishes before you head out. You’ll find plenty of options for a delicious meal and a variety of flavors.

1. Cashew Tofu

Tofu, if prepared well, is a delicious protein option and makes a wonderful main dish. In this recipe, combined with the cashews, it becomes full of good protein as well as the healthy veggies you love.

Served over a bed of steamed rice, Cashew Tofu starts with freshly roasted cashews and combines it with a variety of vegetables. Carrots, celery, onions, and peppers go together in a stir fry with the nuts. Flavors meld with the chili sauce for an experience your taste buds will love.

2. Red Curry

Thai curries are often sweeter than curries from other nationalities. Because they use coconut milk, the heavier sauce is richer. This is true of all the Thai curries, but especially the red curry.

Simmered in the red curry sauce, you’ll find bamboo shoots and bell peppers, as well as sweet basil leaves. Choose fragrant jasmine rice, white or brown, for serving.

3. The Best Vegan Thai Food: Sweet and Sour

A good sweet and sour sauce is a delicious vegan option at a Thai restaurant. With the traditional sweet flavors, Thai food is known for, combined with hints of sour that come with the pineapple and tomato, this dish delights even the least adventurous eaters.

To start, the chef stir-fries the veggies, including onions, bell peppers, and a surprise ingredient: cucumbers. They add the fruit, tomatoes, and pineapple, for a tangy, vegan combination. Serve over rice.

4. Rama Jay

“Rama” is how subjects reference the king in Thailand. On the menu, you’ll find this Rama dish with the king of flavors: peanut sauce. Made in house, the creamy sauce gives any ingredients a distinctly Thai character.

Rama Jay comes with steamed mixed vegetables with the peanut sauce on top.

For an alternative option, that still has the peanut sauce you love, try Swimming Rama. This dish is also vegan, but instead of steamed veggies, the chef sears spinach in the wok. Then we top it with our creamy house peanut sauce.

5. Black Sticky Rice Pudding

No meal is complete without a sweet treat at the end. For a vegan dessert at the Thai restaurant, give black sticky rice pudding a try.

Black rice, or forbidden rice, is a variety of rice named for its historical off-limits status. The product was reserved only for the important leaders, whose subjects couldn’t have it.

The black rice has more nutrients than other types of rice, but it’s also a traditional part of sticky rice pudding, a delicious dessert. Topped with coconut cream, the dish is a perfect finish to your vegan Thai meal.

Thai Kitchen Masterpieces

Finding dishes like these at your local Thai restaurant is a great way to make sure you’re eating vegan Thai food. Trying unique flavors and sticking to your vegan diet is no problem.Check out the full menu at Thai Ginger for a great dinner choice tonight or to place an order today!

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