Vegan Thai dishes

August 20, 2019
IN Thai Cuisine

Authentic Thai cuisine incorporates a tiny amount of seafood in its seasonings that make savory dishes. Thus, it is challenging to find vegan Thai recipes solely made of vegetables. Pescatarians have better luck finding Thai meals made of seafood and fish with no meat. While most Thai cuisines are made from fresh vegetables and ingredients, fish sauce is a food staple that makes meals unsuitable for vegans.

Where to find vegan Thai dishes

You can still find veggie-friendly meals at tourist hotspots. Such areas create tasty Thai cuisine with a twist to appeal to a broader range of customers. Redmond Town Center and Pacific Place Shopping Center are two locations where you can find quality Thai vegan meals that are done right. These two areas house Thai Ginger, which is an in-house dining restaurant that serves the freshest Thai dishes in the region.

Thai Ginger serves a range of vegan dishes that includes appetizers, soups, curries, desserts, and some tofu or vegetable specialties. The tofu or vegetable specialties come in different levels of spicy from 0 stars (least spicy) to 4 stars. This provides appealing and sublime flavors to spicy food lovers.

Main ingredients in vegan Thai dishes

Traditional Thai dishes are made with creamy curries that are seasoned with ground shrimp and topped off with fish sauce. Most of these curries are pre-made, making it difficult for vegans to order. Your best option as a vegan is to order your tofu or vegetables plain and have them seasoned with soy sauce instead of fish sauce. Luckily, coconut milk can still be used to make your food flavorful and tasty. For the curry lovers, you can go for a yellow curry made with potatoes and tomatoes.

Fresh Mango with sweet Sticky rice is the most popular Thai Dessert, and it is invariably vegan. Sticky rice is made from three ingredients that are rice, sweetened coconut milk, and mango slices. At Thai Ginger, we use fresh, juicy mangoes that make our sticky rice dessert the most delicious.

For all your take-out and in-house dining needs, visit our restaurant for a wide range of Thai cuisines. We are family friendly and can cater to any upcoming celebrations you have. Contact us today to have a look at our menu.

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