What is the Best Wine for Thai Food?

April 24, 2023
IN Thai Cuisine

Wine isn’t a common drink to pair with Thai food but that doesn’t mean it won’t pair tastefully with your meal, follow this guide to find out which types of wine is best to pair with different Thai dishes.

Thai food is a flavor explosion with so many different components it is no simple task to find the best drink that enhances or goes with the meal and doesn’t leave a weird taste in your mouth.

Read until the very end to hear about some specific meal pairings we think you would like!


This may be the best and safest option to go with your meal, we recommend an off dry riesling as it is an acidic wine that can also cut through the heat and spice of Thai cuisine. The light aromatic fruit flavor will pair nicely with the meal and keep it all within the same flavor group of tropical-ness. Rieslings would pair well with a light appetizer such as our fresh rolls or chicken lettuce wraps. Some rieslings also have jasmine in the flavor profile and this would add a beautiful pairing with any Thai dish as jasmine flavor and tea is commonly consumed with Thai meals.

Red Wines

Now if you are not a white wine consumer don’t worry because we have some red wine alternatives. 

Pinot Gris/Pinot Grigio

This is a great alternative to Riesling, Pinot Gris has less-intense tropical fruit flavors and more subtle acidity. 

Sparkling Rosé

Fizz, fruits, and sweetness play nicely with all kinds of popular Thai dishes. Sweet and tangy is often found in Thai dishes so this would be an excellent choice for your meal.

Pinot Noir

Typically, Pinot Noir is dry, light- to medium-bodied, with bright acidity. This is a more earthy flavored wine and is great to pair with Thai cuisine as well.

Now Try It!

Try any Thai appetizers with an off dry riesling such as fresh rolls, spring rolls and chicken lettuce wrap, this light but acidic wine will taste good with something light and fresh.

Also try Phad Thai with a riesling, you can order this dish and add a little heat and it will pair nicely with the aromatic riesling as this dish has a tangy sweet flavor with spice and the riesling will provide a nice balance to this dish.

Phad See Iew and a pinot noir is another popular combination. This dish is very savory and has a lot of rich flavor and the pinot noir will add some depth.

Take your new found knowledge and head to your local Thai restaurant, or if you are in the greater Seattle area try our Thai Restaurant Thai Ginger! We provide all these dishes and wine and you will be sure to find your favorite pairing.

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