What Makes Thai Food Special?

January 27, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Ask any fan of authentic Thai cuisine why they love it so much, and they are likely to say that there is no other food on the planet like it. 

Thai food stands out as something beautiful, unique and special. It offers a delicate blend of salty, sweet, spicy, and sour with glorious seasonings and combinations that can make your tastebuds quiver.

The balance of flavors and sensations in Thai recipes makes some people think they must be very complex to create, however, true Thai food chefs see these challenges as a wonderful opportunity to shine and deliver a sensational experience for diners. The chefs in the kitchen at Thai Ginger Restaurants certainly think so. The experience of our customers comes first.

When partaking in Thai recipe preparation, there are some key elements that bring it all together and make for a successful meal outcome:


Finding the ideal balance of ingredients, combinations, and flavors takes a special skill, and the more one does it, the better that skill gets honed. 

Of course, there are always personal preferences when it comes to “more of this” and “less of that” for seasonings and components, but overall there is a sweet spot that becomes the perfect range for most diners. The salty-sweet-spicy-sour equilibrium is special and anything but bland.

Seasonings and herbs

Connoisseurs of Thai cuisine are in love with herbs and seasonings most of all. Thai chefs adore the act of flavoring with these wonderful components. Whether it’s cilantro, sweet basil, dill, parsley, cha-om, turmeric, dried lime zest, hot Thai red pepper, or any of the other dynamic flavors used in Thai recipes — they can make a dish sing. 

They can stand on their own or deliver something completely new and complex when used just right in a nice combination within one or more main and side dishes. It is truly an art form, knowing how to use and blend the Thai seasonings and herbs.


The meal creator’s kitchen skills matter and that is another facet in good Thai cuisine. His or her technical skills must be fluid and adaptable for each specific dish. Sometimes it is a fairly simple and basic procedure, and other times, the focus must remain intense as timing and ingredient introduction within certain time-frames during cooking are crucial. 

Some Thai dishes take several hours of focused preparation and cooking. When done right, those enjoying the end results would agree that the time and work were beyond worth it, though!


The communal Thai eating experience is known to be a constantly fluent and ever-changing scenario. Those enjoying the mood and offerings at a family or community get-together generally take small portions of food to enjoy at a time. 

Then, they go and get more as time goes on, chatting and enjoying those around them, revisiting the serving table as others bring new items or refill dishes there. It is a very fluid affair, and the movement of people, conversation, and food is energizing.

Perhaps it takes a bold and uncompromising palate to fully appreciate the intensity and intricacy of great Thai food. Is that you? 
Visit one of the welcoming Thai Ginger locations in the Seattle area to find out!

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