What Sets Thai Food Apart From Other Types Of Asian Cuisine?

March 30, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

If you want to try a unique culinary style, Thai food is likely to be exactly what you’re looking for. 

Thai dishes are not made with simplicity in mind. Instead, Thai cuisine has one goal, which is combining ingredients to make the most delicious meal possible. This means that Thai dishes are often quite complex and include a wide range of ingredients.

Not only that, but Thai food has some important differences when compared to other forms of Asian cuisine. In general, the dishes tend to have much spicier and more complex flavors than other forms of Asian food, including Chinese cuisine.

Thai Food Is Uses Many Spices

Spices can greatly enhance the flavor of just about any dish. Not only does Thai food tend to be heavy on the spices, but it also includes many different types of spices. 

Not only do the spices that are used in Thai food add a touch of heat to your meal, but some spices that are commonly used in Thai cooking add sweetness and other flavors that are not commonplace in some other forms of Asian cuisine.

Thai uses curry, but it’s different than Indian curry

If you think of curry, you’re probably likely to picture Indian food instead of Thai food. Thai cuisine includes a version of the dish that bears little resemblance to Indian curry. 

In fact, Thai food uses coconut milk as a base to create curry, and it’s often combined with spices, shrimp, onion, and other flavorings.

Royal Thai food is not all that different from other varieties of the cuisine

While some forms of Asian cuisine have a royal and common version of the style that is very different from one another, this isn’t true for Thai cuisine. 

Royal Thai food is known for utilizing extremely high-quality ingredients, but the dishes are fundamentally the same.

There are different types of Thai food

Thailand is a melting pot of cultures, and this is reflected in the nation’s culinary traditions. As a result of the cultural diversity in the country, there are some Thai culinary traditions that have similarities to the cuisine of neighboring countries, such as India.

If you’re looking to sample authentic Thai cuisine, come into one of our Thai Ginger locations today.

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