What to Know About Songkran Day

June 19, 2023
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Taking time to appreciate and understand other cultures is often neglected. There are so many aspects that we should be fully appreciating and learning from. One of those holidays that should be delved into is Songkran Day. 

If you enjoy Thai food, why not branch out and learn about this Thai festival? A Buddhist new year is a spectacular event full of culture and fun. 

Before you order another meal from your favorite restaurant, learn more about the complexities of the Songkran festival and what it means for those who celebrate. 

What Is Songkran Day?

Songkran is a festival that takes place in Thailand. This celebration marks the beginning of the Thai New Year. This festival occurs from the 13th to the 15th of April every year. 

The festival is a huge celebration with roots that date back to 1888 when it was officially moved to April. Related to this, Songkran is the Sanskrit word for an astrological passage. This makes it the perfect time for the Thai festival to take place.

How Is the Day Celebrated?

One of the biggest things is that Songkran Day is a water-splashing festival. This means that if there isn’t plenty of water involved, it isn’t being celebrated correctly. This water festival welcomes water guns, water balloons, and plenty of buckets of water thrown in every direction. 

Not that the Buddhist new year is only about throwing water at one another. It is also a celebration of family and reunions with family. Many individuals in Thai communities go home to spend time with their older family members. 

The three-day celebration is a non-stop reflection of family and laughter. 

A Celebratory Feast

Hundreds of years ago, Khao Chaeem was served to the royals. Khao chaeem was a potent jasmine-scented rice dish made for this huge holiday. Fried and shredded salted beef and vegetables were also served as part of the celebration menu

Today, many of the typical and beloved Thai dishes are served abundantly every year at this festival. Families celebrate with home-cooked meals and favorite dishes served at local spots around the spectacle. 

Luckily for those who are at a distance, there are wonderful restaurants waiting to prepare those classic dishes for you

Celebrate Songkran Day at Home

Even from a distance, you can celebrate everything that Songkran Day means. From the 13th to the 15th, order your favorite prepared foods and break out the water fights for a traditional Songkran celebration. Take a piece of culture with you wherever you go. 

Have more questions about the water splashing festival? Or are you just ready to order your favorite dishes from the place that does it best? Let us be the ones to serve you tradition

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