Where to Get the Best Vegan Thai Food In Seattle

August 25, 2021
IN Thai Cuisine

The rich, flavorful taste of Thai food is often craved, but do you know where to get the best authentic Thai meal in your area? While there are many options when it comes to Thai restaurants in Seattle, only the best will do if you really want an unforgettable flavor experience.

If you’re searching for the best vegan Thai food in Seattle, you’ve come to the perfect place. Here, we’re sharing where you can get vegan Thai food that’s high-quality, top-rated, and absolutely authentic. Just keep on reading to ease your cravings!

Thai Ginger

Want to indulge in Thai food that tastes like it’s actually been made in Thailand? Look no further than Thai Ginger, the best authentic Thai restaurant whose menu is full of great options, including vegan.

Each menu item is made with the freshest ingredients with no MSG added. We’re dedicated to bringing customers an unforgettable flavor experience each time!

Guay Tiew Naam

Cozy up with a bowl of Guay Tiew Naam if you’re feeling something more hearty. Made with steamed rice noodles in warm broth, this Naam is flavored with bean sprouts, green onions, and cilantro. What’s more, you can also choose to have it be made with either tofu or vegetables.

Tofu Soup

Similar to the Guay Tiew Naam, our tofu soup is prepared with a broth full of bean thread noodles, Napa cabbage, spinach, celery, and onion. Soft chunks of tofu are added, giving the soup a better taste and providing protein to the meal.

Tom Kha

Looking for a flavor blast? Order the Tom Kha, a traditional hot and sour soup simmered with coconut milk. The creamy, rich flavor combines well with the added galangal, mushroom, lemongrass, lime leaves, and cilantro to create an unforgettable dish.

Phad Tua (Spicy Green Beans)

Have you ever had Thai-style green beans? If not, you have to try our Phad Tua, also known as “spicy green beans”. These green beans are flash-fried then stir-fried in our signature roasted chili sauce. Red peppers and Thai basil are added to enhance the flavor and make the green beans a bit spicier.

Mango Sticky Rice

This seasonal dish is perfect for fruit-lovers. Get a refreshing, sweet taste of fresh mango paired with melt-in-your-mouth sticky rice. This meal’s perfect for a light dish after the gym or for an easy lunch at home. Delicious!

Try a Vegan Thai Meal Today

As you can see, there are plenty of mouth-watering vegan Thai dishes available at Thai Ginger. If you’ve been craving a healthy vegan Thai meal, then you need to make an order today.

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