Why Is Thai Food in Bellevue Popular?

December 22, 2021
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Did you know there are over five-thousand Thai restaurants in America? Who doesn’t love a nice, spicy, and well-balanced meal? We think there’s nothing better than Thai food in Bellevue! 

There are a few questions you should ask yourself before trying Thai food. Why is Thai food so popular? Why is Thai food popular in Seattle

In this article, we’ll give you these answers and more. Keep reading to find out more about Thai food in Bellevue and what we have to offer. 

Why Is Thai Food So Popular? 

In the last fifteen years, the number of Thai people living in America has doubled. If you visit the U.S., you may notice there are about ten times more Thai restaurants than Mexican. But have you ever wondered what makes Thai food popular among Americans? 

Thai food has an amalgamation of flavors, and once you have a taste, you can’t get enough. It’s no secret that flavors make an impression — especially while eating Thai food. Thai food may be popular in America because of specialty dishes like Phad Prik Khing and Phad Thua.


One of the reasons Thai is so popular is because it’s very healthy. The benefits of eating Thai food come from the combination of fresh herbs and spices.

Thai food uses seafood, sometimes mixed with pork or chicken. If there’s chicken or pork involved, lean cuts are often used. 

Most Thai food includes a lot of veggies too. Since Thai food has so many vegetables, it’s full of vitamins and nutrients. 

If you compare Thai food to American food, you may notice Thai food has a lower fat content. Thai food is often made using fresh ingredients like onions, broccoli and bell peppers. 

For a healthy meal option, consider cooking your veggies, Thai style. Or order out from the best Thai restaurant in your area. 

Thai Food Delivery 

Traffic in the Seattle area can be a drag. Skip the traffic jam and order from Thai Ginger. Thai Ginger offers fast, easy, and affordable delivery. 

One of the reasons why Thai is so popular in Seattle is because of the fast delivery service. Once the cooks have all the ingredients, all they have to do is toss them into the wok. The spices and herbs blend, creating a sensation of smells within the kitchen. 

Before you know it you could have amazing Thai food right at your front door. Takeout has never been easier than ordering Thai food delivery. 

Thai Food in Bellevue 

There are many options for Thai food in Bellevue. But why try other options when you have a local Thai Ginger? 

Thai Ginger has an assortment of dishes and recipes ready and waiting for your tastebuds. We also offer catering and are available by phone or email. At just a click away, you could have Thai food ready and waiting for you. 

Are you unsure of what to do for dinner tonight? Check out our menu and make an order!

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