Why Thai Takeout Is The Best Pick for Your Upcoming Gathering

December 07, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Thai food has become a staple in many people’s diets, and it’s no wonder. The food is versatile and flavorful, making it a potential hit with anyone!

When it comes to your next small gathering, you might be wondering if it’s a solid choice to go with. After all, everyone’s different when it comes to food and has different preferences — will Thai takeout go down well?

Read on if you’ve been wondering whether to take the plunge. These are all the reasons why Thai cuisine is a great idea for your next gathering, and your guests are sure to love it. 

It Doesn’t Have to Be Spicy

Although spices are a key ingredient in Thai food, that doesn’t mean every one of those popular Thai dishes you love has to be spicy.

Many dishes can be made according to the person’s taste, and some Thai dishes aren’t spicy to begin with! 

If you have guests who aren’t confident in their ability to handle spice, tell them to go for some tofu soup or grilled wild salmon. These are sure to be flavorful without being too much for some!

The Different Options

When it comes to sourcing cuisine for your gathering, there can be an issue of everything feeling too similar. This is a problem, because if your guests don’t like one thing on certain menus, they won’t like any of it!

Thankfully, this is never an issue with Thai food.  Please check out our menu for online orders and we have many different items! 

If one of your guests wants a classic noodle dish such as Phad Thai and someone else just wants a salad, that’s fine — Thai food encompasses it all.

Thai Takeout Accommodates Vegetarians and Vegans

The amazing thing about Thai food is that it’s great for those with dietary preferences, such as vegetarians and vegans.

Many dishes use protein as a base rather than meat, such as the fried tofu or cashew tofu. Or, if your vegetarian friends aren’t fans of tofu, other dishes such as Phad Kee Mao don’t have to include tofu or meat at all. 

Regardless of what dietary needs and preferences your guests have, Thai cuisine can accommodate them all without an issue. 

Introduce People to Something New

One other amazing benefit is that it’s a little more unusual than some other catering options. If your guests have never had Thai food before, they’ll be impressed as you introduce them to something new. Why not take the plunge?

You Can’t Go Wrong With Thai Takeout!

You can’t really go wrong with Thai takeout. Its versatility will ensure that everyone has something they love on the menu, whether they’re a spice-loving meat-eater, a vegetarian or even vegan. 

It’s not only a safe choice, it’s an amazing one. The flavorful dishes will blow your mind!

If you’re looking for the best Thai food, Seattle has one amazing option. Use the “ORDER NOW” button in our header for some awesome food today!

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