Why You Should Get Thai Food For the Holidays

October 26, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

We’ve all been there. The turkey just won’t thaw or the yams are overcooked, not to mention the desserts were a literal disaster. Holiday cooking can all too often turn into a nightmare.

Some families take it in stride while others vow to never host a holiday dinner again. If you’re one of those that want to change things up for the holidays this year, why not think outside the box and try a whole different food for the holidays?

Let’s take a look at a few reasons why Thai is a good choice!

Vibrant Flavors

Thai food is well known around the world for its strong and vibrant flavors. There are a lot of different types of spices used in this cuisine that are sure to spark your tastebuds.  

You’ll begin tasting Thai food long before the dinner plate arrives at your table for the strong scents exuded from the diverse range of spices that you’re not used to smelling.


Thai is also one of the healthiest foods on the planet for the use of green vegetables and various herbs. It’s mostly low in sodium and spices like lemongrass and cilantro are packed with essential nutrients and antioxidants


It’s not uncommon for Thai chefs to use plenty of sugar while creating signature dishes. It adds the zest of sweetness to the salty, spicy, sour flavors which makes it even more enticing to the tastebuds. 


Even though Thai is light on the tummy, it’s also filling. Just not so much so that you feel overstuffed. Forget the turkey hangover on Thanksgiving night.

What to Choose

A good Thai menu has a lengthy selection of appetizers and dishes to cater to any individual trying it for the first time or one-hundredth time. The following are just a few starter dishes to get your mouth watering.


Thai Peanut sauce is a unique variation of dipping sauce that uses whole peanuts instead of peanut butter. This creates a much richer taste. Many diners enjoy it as dressing for chicken or prawns satay or dip for vegetables. 


Tom Yum soup is a popular hot and sour Thai dish with plenty of zest. You’ll be delighted with the taste of lemongrass and lime leaves paired with cilantro and mushrooms simmered for just the right length of time.


A Ginger Green Salad is the way to go if you’re trying Thai for the first time. It’s a basic blend of seasoned mixed green vegetables with ginger dressing.

Signature Dishes

If you like Garlic, you must try Crispy Garlic Chicken. It’s sauteed in a rich garlic sauce and topped with cilantro and crispy basil served with steamed jasmine rice.

Thai Food is a Unique Alternate Food for the Holidays

It’s fun to choose different foods for the holidays. It’s a great reason to get family together in a different environment and add some zest to the overall mood. So, skip the turkey this year and try some Thai cuisine instead!

If you’re interested in trying some new dishes, check out our locations around Seattle for your holiday celebration. We can also deliver if you prefer to have a traditional feast at home.

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