Why You Should Support Local Restaurants

July 02, 2019
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Trying to decide where to eat tonight? Instead of hitting up a big chain restaurant, consider trying some new cuisine at a local restaurant. There are plenty of great reasons to support your local restaurants – here’s why you should switch up your dining routine.

Unique Flavors

Local restaurants often use different flavors and fresher ingredients than chain restaurants, so you get delicious and memorable dishes. Although these delicious flavors make for an incredible night out, they’re often priced similarly to local chains. It’s important to have variety in your diet, and trying local restaurants makes it more fun.

Incredible Customer Service

The owners of local restaurants pour their heart and soul into their businesses, and it really shows when you sit down for a meal there. You get more personalized service in a cozy environment, with staff that is knowledgeable about the menu and dedicated to ensuring you have a great time. By supporting local restaurants, you’re enabling amazing local restaurant owners to continue producing great food and a great atmosphere.

Support Community Professionals

When you buy food at large chains, most of that money goes back to a larger corporation. By contrast, when you eat at a local business, that money is going back into the community by supporting local workers and supporting local suppliers. Many local restaurants not only hire diverse local staff, but they also source their ingredients from local farms and suppliers. This money creates even more jobs in your local community.

Diverse Cuisine

Small, local restaurants are often run by talented chefs with diverse culinary backgrounds. This means they can bring flavors from around the world to your town, which chain restaurants aren’t always able to do. Cultural diversity makes for a more vibrant culinary scene, and you’ll discover new dishes you may never have heard of before.

These are just a few reasons why you should support local restaurants. They add so much flavor and energy to your area’s culinary scene. Thai Ginger is a Seattle-based local chain, with four locations throughout the metro area. We have a diverse menu with an array of authentic Thai dishes to enjoy.

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