Yummy Thai Appetizers For Your Next Party

January 20, 2020
IN Thai Cuisine

Serving delicious appetizers is a great way to keep your guests happy at a party. If you want to offer some unique dishes at your celebration, consider serving Thai cuisine. There is a wide range of satisfying Thai appetizers to choose from that you can incorporate into your menu. Here are some of the best Thai appetizers to serve at your next party.

Giew Tod

These classic wontons are a fun and easy finger food that’s perfect for a party. They contain crab meat and cream cheese, and they have a deep-fried exterior that makes for a perfect crunch.  Served with a sweet sriracha dipping sauce. 

Fried Tofu

This simple appetizer is an excellent option if you’re going to be serving vegans and vegetarians at your party. This tofu is deep-fried to a nice golden brown and served with chili sauce to give it a kick. The contrast of the tofu and the chili makes this appetizer particularly fun.

Calamari Rings

If you want to add some seafood to your party menu, this is an excellent option. It’s hard to beat the delicious flavor of calamari, especially when it’s deep-fried. These rings are served with sweet sriracha sauce, which complements the flavor of the calamari perfectly.

Spring Rolls

These are another classic Thai appetizer, and they are an excellent combination of light and filling. They’re full of delicious vegetables seasoned with spices and rolled into a deep-fried wrapper. They are served with a plum dipping sauce for even more flavor.

Angel Prawns

These fun snacks give a nice crunch that makes them ideal for a party. These prawns are wrapped in deep-fried egg noodles, which gives them a unique appearance and a nice crunch.

These are just a few of the many incredible Thai dishes to enjoy at your next party. Thai Ginger is a leading Thai restaurant with four locations in the Seattle area. We have an extensive menu of authentic dishes from throughout Thailand. 

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